The Final Shah Mat    

Inspired by very evident examples of how people are feeling about politicians ie – not a lot!  Also inspired from when I worked in the US years ago and felt that the then huge difference between California and, say, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, might stimulate Californians to conclude they would be better off as an independent nation. So the book’s plot is about a plan to encourage California to become the 5th largest economic state in the world.

£7.95 including p&p (mainland UK only)

The Acionna Projects   

Inspired by what got me into sustainable development in the first place – the horror story of the Aral Sea. The issue of water as a critical resource is unquestionably growing in importance and understanding around the world but water is still often taken for granted and badly abused. Part of the story took me (unexpectedly) to the Fergana Valley in Central Europe where, so my story went, there was growing friction between three countries (former members of the Soviet Union) over the issue of water.

Subsequent to the book being published a UN peace keeping force was sent into the Fergana Valley as friction over water supplies was in danger of sparking a war!

£7.95 including p&p (mainland UK only)

The Hwanung Solution                        

Inspired by what I knew about how climate change is impacting on the permafrost in the Arctic. Melting permafrost is causing structural havoc and also releases ancient viruses. What I did not know until I started the book was about mysterious holes that have appeared all over Siberia, a family that had hidden in the Siberian outback from civilisation since WW2, an abandoned nuclear town; and the fascinating story of the two Diomede islands in the Bering Strait. 

Since publishing the book the military and political interest in sea passages opened by melting ice has grown enormously and I think will become a political hot spot in the very near future.

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