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What’s in a name? When a young geologist stumbles across what looks like to most a greyish rock with blue tints, he knows he has something precious on his hands. Although it looks common, as soon as the name ‘cobalt’ is applied, it suddenly becomes eminently more valuable. Valuable enough even to potentially be the salvation of a poor African state still recovering in the aftermath of a tsunami. And valuable enough to be the source of danger for all that come across it…


Kevin Forsythe, an English civil servant and a Shakespearian scholar, has one ambition: to retire to a life of pink gin and solitude. But when Pete, his young friend, shows him his rare find, it unintentionally sets in motion events that mean Kevin becomes the unlikely lynch-pin to the country’s salvation. Uncovering corporate greed and selfishness, international drug smuggling and terrorism, political corruption and the heart-breaking plight of desperately poor children, Kevin has no choice but to help. With only Pete and a British consultant with a track record of being a reluctant hero to aid him, Kevin must weave through the political web of danger that has slowly spun around him before the fly in the ointment becomes the fly that gets snapped up.

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The Hwanung Solution
ISBN 978 1788039 307

My story is a weave of fact and fiction. A deadly virus has escaped one of the mysterious holes now appearing in Siberia and is used as a threat against the global community unless the impotent United Nations is disbanded and replaced by an egalitarian organisation run by the main villain.


The escape of the virus also threatens the developing Siberian gold rush. Gold and other valuable minerals together with the melting of sea ice which is opening new shipping routes is turning the Arctic into a strategically vital area.


The story embraces a deserted Soviet nuclear missile town in Siberia, a family that escaped the Bolshevik uprising by fleeing into the Siberian hinterland, the alleged gold carried by the Russian royal family as it escaped the uprising and fled into Siberia, and a love story.


The plot is underpinned by the developing consequences of climate change.  

The Acionna Projects
The Acionna Projects

ISBN 9781785546259    -    paperback
ISBN 9781785546266    -    hardback
ISBN 9781785546273    -    eBook

The Acionna Projects published in 2016 by Austin Macauley is about the most precious natural resource on the planet without which we cannot survive. Water! It starts with a link back to the first water war of some 4,000 years ago but takes us to the Ferghana Valley of Central Asia where water scarcity is causing friction.


In July 2016, Laura Parker wrote in National Geographic - “Underground water is being pumped so aggressively around the globe that land is sinking, civil wars are being waged, and agriculture is being transformed.”



The Final Shah Mat

ISBN 9781500609177

He continued. “The people of California have spoken. In an honest, legal and binding referendum they have declared their desires to manage their own affairs.”

And he told his audience how this would happen, the practical steps that had already been taken and the role of DESA in the process to date. His speech was forceful but spoken by a man who had total belief in the message he was delivering. Bond thought it was inspiring though while Williams was on the stage, Bond’s mind was as much for the man’s safety as it was taking in what he was saying.