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A message from Birmingham UK based author: David Middleton.


'Not-easy-to-put-down, slightly raunchy, Bond-like adventures, my novels are written to entertain and to inform.

We live in extraordinary times. How we live is threatening the very planet we live on yet we have the innovative skills and amazing advances in technology to make the future bright for our children and their children'.

Why I have written my 3 novels?

In the recent, widely acclaimed documentary film by Leonardo DiCaprio, “Before the Flood”, both former President Obama and the late astronaut Dr Piers Sellers  said there is a dire need to inform and educate the public about climate change. 


Before I retired as CEO of the UK branch of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and of the Midlands Environmental Business Club, the UK Midlands’ major business network on sustainable development, I spent nearly 25 years trying to promote the subject of climate change amongst other key challenges confronting our species.


Now I have turned to writing Bond-like thrillers with the same objective. They are a weave of truth and fiction. “The Hwanung Solution” is the third book in a trilogy that shares the same hero and villains. Each is a stand alone story.



'The Adventure of Adventure Writing' - podcast

Listen now to what inspired me to write my novels on my first audio podcast. There will be more to follow, click on the image below:

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All 3 books (cover value £25.97 + £4 p&p)
£18.45 inc p&p 
Order via davidm@dmc-sd.co.uk 
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You can now get a 'sneak preview' of David's latest novel - Cobalt,

due to be published next year.

 You can read the first two chapters by clicking here to open a pdf file,

or you can read them online click here

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